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fotopol camera mount

Be in your own photo

fotopol is a fixed camera mount (sort of like a permanent tripod) to which you attach your own camera. They are located in front of tourism sites to allow everyone in the group or single traveller to be in the photograph.

Do you have a favourite location where you would like to see a fotopol? View our facebook page to upload your ideas.

"Hi, we just returned from a weekend at Ballina where we visited the lighthouse at Byron Bay and saw two fotopol's for the first time and what a brilliant idea! This removes the risk of a complete stranger taking off with your camera when you want all your group in the one photo.

It is so easy to use and did I mention it was a brilliant idea! I too look forward to seeing more of these around."

R. Jones, Queensland

Tourism Operators

No one knows tourism products better than it's owner/operator and we can assist in adding value to the memories your clients take away, which directly builds repeat and referral business.

fotopol is committed to providing quality equipment and products to the tourism industry, to enhance a clients' experience when using their products or services.

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