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fotopol camera mount

fotopol stand

Our standard fotopol product provides a permanent photographic platform to allow users to place or secure their camera, set a time delay and then capture their whole group in the photo.

It is constructed of anodised aluminium with a galvanised mild steel base. The extruded aluminium section is fitted over and fixed to the anchored base. The front and rear panels then slide into place and finally the camera base at the top of the unit is installed using security screws.

The main body and the front and rear panels come in a standard anodised silver colour but can all be customised to suit the client's requirements.

The prominent position on the front panel provides a space for the placing of either local information and/or paid sponsorship or advertising in a high volume/great exposure location.

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Anchoring Options

The best possible method for anchoring the fotopol stand is direct fixing to a masonry or stone surface. We suggest that threaded 16mm galvanised studs be chemically set into the surface and the galvanised base stand then attached, followed by the main body and inserts of the device.

Click to view installation procedures.

Colour/Design Options

The fotopol stand is produced in a silver anodised finish. There are options for colours for both the main body and the front and rear panels. We can quote on having some or all of the components produced with a different anodised colour, powder coated, etched and black infilled, screen printed and full colour images on a vinyl adhesive panel.

Move the cursor over the colours below for some test colours for the insert panel.

Etched and Black Infilled

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