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fotopol camera mount
The fotopol stand model
The fotopol stand
The fotopol balcony series model
The fotopol balcony series

fotopol model options

All of our fotopol models have been designed to allow users to capture their entire group with their own cameras when recording that special moment in front of your attraction or location. We currently have under development:

the fotopol stand

The fotopol stand is a permanently fixed camera mount, constructed of anodised aluminium with a galvanized steel base and stainless steel hardware.

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the fotopol balcony series

The fotopol balcony series, which has been designed for both the cruise ship and hotel industries, is a permanent camera mount that is attached to the door frame (either outside or inside) of the balcony. It allows your passengers or guests to secure their camera, compose the shot, set the time delay and capture an intimate photo of themselves on the balcony, with the wonderful exotic locations that your cruise or hotel provides in the background. Or take a photo of themselves enjoying the luxury of their cabin or room.

The emotional value of such photos, with both of the couple in the frame will be greatly increased and will be a powerful marketing tool, generating return voyages and referrals to others.

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