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fotopol camera mount

about fotopol

Have you ever looked through your family's photo albums and noticed that in a lot of the shots, someone is missing? Well it's pretty obvious that in most instances the person who is not in the photograph is the one behind the camera taking the shot.

Just consider how much more enhanced and valued photographs of popular scenic locations in your area would be if your visitors had all of their party in the frame (or the solo traveller was able to do this).

Allow visitors to your area to maximise the photographic opportunity when capturing those special moments in front of your most popular scenic locations.

You can do this by installing a fotopol, a purpose built, strategically placed camera mounting system on which visitors can place and secure their own camera, select the angle of shot and take a time delay photo of their entire group in front of your valued location. By selecting the optimum installation location you can be sure that your visitors will get the best possible photo every time.

The design criteria for these exciting new products includes features to minimise both vandalism risk and maintenance requirements. The quality of the materials used in construction of the fotopol ensures a long product life and excellent return on your investment.

fotopol is a smart investment in tourism and will enhance the experience for visitors, leading to increased returns and referrals to your area.

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