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fotopol camera mount


One of the major design criteria for fotopol was to be capable of effectively displaying consumer advertising copy or site information.

On the front panel of the fotopol stand there is an area 800 high x 163 mm wide. On the front of the body of the fully featured model there is an A3 space and on the standard model a panel 200mm wide by 900mm high. Advertisers taking space on a fotopol pedestal have the group whose photograph is being taken looking directly at their message from the time the group is assembled to the time the camera is set and activated and the photo taken. Compare this time exposure to other advertising products like static signs and bus advertising, which offer only a fleeting glimpse at your product as sponsorship and advertising to offset or completely underwrite purchase and installation costs. Contact us to discuss these.

fotopol is a smart investment in tourism and will enhance the experience for visitors, leading to increased returns and referrals to your area.

Purchasers of fotopol are able to choose to sell this space to advertisers and depending upon the location, recoup some if not all of the purchase and installation costs and to provide an ongoing revenue stream.

Site Information

The spaces referred to above are also used to display site information and we are also able to arrange for this copy to be printed.


There may also be the opportunity to have the fotopol sponsored, either by a business or community organisation or possibly as a personal memorial.

With volume orders we are also able to brand the door jamb mounted model.

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